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The Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) is a volunteer organization whose purpose is to educate and recognize the achievements and accomplishments of individuals in the Wisconsin music industry.

WAMI 2008 Award Winners

Group: Hindsight
Solo Artist/Performer: Peter Mulvey
CD: "Little Bird" Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons
Female Vocalist: Annie Denison
Male Vocalist: Michael Sean
New Group/Artist: House Blend
Song: "Red Fire" Fever Marlene
Americana/Rockabilly: The Liam Ford Band
Big Band: The All Star SUPERband
Bluegrass: .357 String Band
Blues Group/Artist: Reverend Raven and The Chain Smoking Altar Boys
Christian/Gospel Group/Artist: Chad James
Classical Group: Present Music
Contemporary Jazz Group/Artist: Chris Crain
Country Group/Artist: Geoff Landon & The Wolfpack
Cover Band: Johnny Wad
Folk/Acoustic Group/Artist: The Moon Gypsies
Pop/Adult Contemporary: Ronnie Nyles
R&B/Soul/Hip Hop Group/Artist: The Figureheads
Rock Group: Fahrenheit 420
Rock Group: Bellevue Suite
Specialty/ Nostalgia Group/Artist: Beatallica
Traditional Jazz Group/Artist: The Paul Spencer Band
World Beat/Reggae/Ska: The Invaders

Bassist: Mike Spellman
Drummer: Joey Zak
Guitarist: Alex Wilson
Keyboard Player: Joe Hite
Reeds/Brass: Andrew Spadafora
Specialty Instrumentalist: Tommy Greywolf

Group/Artist Website:
Print Media: Shepherd Express
Producer: Marc Golde
Radio Station: WYMS FM 88.9 Radio Milwaukee
Stage Production: Eliminator Audio Productions
Studio: Smart Studios
Venue: Milwaukee Ale House
Hall of Fame: Manty Ellis
Hall of Fame: BoDeans

Featured Artist: Peter Mulvey

Play Peter Mulvey

Wami award winner Peter Mulvey's latest album, Notes from Elsewhere (Signature Sounds) is a retrospective collection of the very best songs Mulvey has written and performed over his 15 year recording career. Recorded solo in a studio, these are fresh takes on songs that have become fan and critic favorites over the years.

We suggest downloading and listeningto a track called Charlie off his latest album.

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